Care for Fretboards


We recommend using the oil when the instrument will not be played for at least 3 hours, so Dr. GUZZ can do it's work. Using at night is a good idea.

0. Remove strings.
1.  Clean the fretboard/wood with the microfibre cloth included before applying the oil. (Read cloth instructions below)
2. Gently shake Dr. GUZZ before use.
3. Use the pipette to drip the required quantity of oil onto the fretboard. A little oil goes a long way.
4. Wipe the oil in the direction of the frets (if the instrument has no frets, wipe in direction of the strings). Wipe the oil with a cotton cloth, NOT with the microfibre cloth included.
5.  If there is any excess oil, remove with a cloth NOT with paper towel.
MAPLE: We do not recommend the use of Dr.Guzz on maple since it may slightly darken the wood permanently.


We thing that the best cloth to clean our instrument is microfiber cloth. Microfiber is thinner than silk and nothing can beat microfiber cleaning things...trust us.

To work properly you have to moist gently the cloth with water (this cloth does not need anything else, just water).

the thin layer of water that leaves behind evaporates quickly without penetrating into the wood, something we do not want!

“This product was born from a conversation with two good friends, Jovan Milosevski and Biel Ballester here in Madrid.

Dr. GUZZ is dedicated to both of you friends”.

Each bottle of Dr. GUZZ contains

2 fluid Oz - 60 ml

Use within 1,5 years of purchase

(Natural oils always have a short life)

(This quantity should last you for 1,5 years under normal use)